Future Focused

Future Focused.png

As the Mu Rho chapter of Delta Sigma Pi continues to grow in size, more opportunities for growth and development for the brothers have come about and with these, the chapter has made a conscious effort to reestablish the overall goals and plan for another successful year. In a Strategic Planning event recently planned for the entire chapter, the success of the systems, plans, and current efforts in each position of the Executive board were evaluated and discussed in order to further the success demonstrated by the chapter as of recent years. The abundance of community service activities, conservation of traditional practices of the chapter, and the passion to welcome new and exceptional brothers into the chapter have been traits of individual strength of the chapter that will be continuously implemented within the upcoming semesters. However, during this event there were concerns brought up about what could be hindering the furthering of this success in the future, which provided a basis to the plan of action that was developed.

Moving forward, the primary focuses of the goals of the Mu Rho chapter are to provide more diversity in the events planned by the service and professional chairs in order to increase participation of brothers and further the interest of others within the College of Business as well. By providing a diversification of more of the events hosted by the chapter, increased participation to these events will allow a more cohesive environment among brothers to develop where newly initiated members have the opportunity to become even more involved once granted membership into the chapter. In addition to this diversification, the chapter also wants to focus more on the scholarship pillar of the Fraternity by increasing the encouraging the frequency which brothers attend study rooms in order to succeed academically as a chapter to the utmost that they’re able. Through these actions, the Mu Rho chapter looks forward to the proceeding semesters, as the goals of the chapter are outlined and understood throughout the Fraternity.