Grand Chapter Congress - Casey Shuster

For the last week of my 2019 summer, I had the privilege to travel to Grand Chapter Congress in Atlanta, Georgia with our president to represent the Mu Rho Chapter. As someone who has never been to a LEAD school, GCC was like jumping into the deep end of DSP with a rock tied to my foot. I had no idea what to expect or what we would do and just went with the flow trying to learn everything that I could. It was amazing to be in breakout sessions and just to see how simple it was to help out someone else with problems we had already dealt with as a chapter. On the other side, it was cool to watch so many brilliant minds come together and think of new ideas for chapter events.


My favorite part about GCC was spending time with old and new friends. The first day, Cat and I had the opportunity to tour the world of Coke, explore the Olympic park, ride the SkyView, and even go to a five-star dinner at the top of the Atlanta skyline on the 73rd floor of the Westin. We also became great friends with the other chapters in our region and spent time with them almost every day and we are looking forward to more joint events with them in the future!


Cleveland, 2021. Go to GCC! It is one of the most exhausting and exciting things someone can do in their DSP career. I got to learn so much about the national fraternity and it was great to represent Mu Rho at the national level. Most importantly, the people that you meet and spend time with will be lifelong friends and people you can always trust. Walk in with no expectations and wait for your mind to be blown!